Maison D'ANGELANN brand was founded on the 16th of June in 2014 by Anna Chibisova and Angelika Svyatash.

The friendship history of these girls accounts for many years… They share a lot in common, namely love for art and fashion, fascination with beautiful and interesting products, which in time flowed into an overwhelming desire to create a refined and elegant outfits that not only would be loved by women, but essentially catch amazed men’s looks! To put their ideas in real life, they use natural fabric of the highest quality, in combination with famous classical materials such as lace and silk, cashmere and wool, as well as the technique of re-interpretation of parts of patterns, which allows for new, unprecedentedly beautiful and unexpectedly feminine silhouettes to be born. Additionally to the main line, the girls are releasing seductive Maison D'Angelann beachwear, where you will find everything for cruises, travel and leisure.


Despite the fact that the brand Maison D'ANGELANN has been created very recently, the growing demand in it, which we see today in many cities around the world is impressive, with boutiques opening and more show rooms to come. Of course, Anna and Angelika are not stopping here, because of their desire to create and develop, they burst with new ideas and ambitious plans, and they have only started!

Russia, Moscow
Elena Goncharova +79254177988

Ukraine, Kharkov 
Oksana +380509433022  /  +380919950750

Kazahstan, Almaty
Asel +77012251847

Ukraine, Odessa
Kristina Gorbatyuk +380504164485