Linen edition Maison D’AngelAnn

The warm season has finally come into its own, which means you need to reconsider your wardrobe. Maison D’AngelAnn designers Anna Chibisova and Anzhelika Svyatash, together with the design team, have created a unique collection that will complement this spring with novelties from organic linen. Models of the collection are absolute proof that clothes can be not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly.<br>
White linen dress - romantic trend <br>
The designers of Maison D'AngelAnn have come up with several silhouettes of a white linen dress this season: with off-the-shoulder straps and a button-down shirt style. <br> A white shirt dress is a trend that has conquered the fashion world with its ease and comfort. There are two options in the collection: with a mini length and below the knee length. The waist was emphasized by the belt, and the neckline can be adjusted according to the mood due to the line of buttons.<br>
Short dress with straps - perfect for warm walks and sexy enough to feel great. The skirt is loose and flowing, and the top will emphasize the chest and collarbones.<br>
At the peak of popularity, there is also a feminine look that creates a crop top with a high skirt. The line includes a skirt with unique elements - frills based on corsage ribbons. The flounces are placed on three levels and perfectly hold their shape, creating a light image that remains in memory for a long time.<br>
The skirt is available in two lengths so that every woman can find the perfect fit. A floor-length skirt is intriguing and charming, a knee-length skirt is playful and flying. A short top will add sensuality to the look due to the emphasis on the open waist. The back is decorated with a snake.<br>
Fancy Fit <br>
The first trend line of the season is a white shirt. "Clean", an aesthetic trend that brings its key and authoritarian mite to fashion and is ideal for warm weather. In the wardrobe of every woman there should be a place for a couple of models with an unusual cut. It is these composite images that allow you to diversify your wardrobe. The new collection from Maison D'AngelAnn found a worthy place for a modern interpretation of the classics - an asymmetrical white shirt with a long back and loose sleeves. The shirt will allow you to focus on airiness and allow you to stand out from the background without any extra effort. Perfect with trousers or jeans for any occasion. Available in both basic and vibrant colors. <br>
Eco material and color<br>
One of the main daily rituals for a woman is self-care. Maison D'AngelAnn designers offer to take care of the planet. Linen is a fabric that reminds the inhabitants of the metropolis of reuniting with nature. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a soft and light structure. <br>
The Maison D'AngelAnn brand seems to suggest starting spring with a clean slate and dressing up in a white totally look. The perfect base color will delight both weekdays and weekends, maintaining a relaxed mood. The brand's products support women in their quest to look great, so they are designed to make every woman more beautiful.<br>

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